The F1® Delta Time Platform and REVV


All current verified accounts of F1® Delta Time will receive 50 REVV each to get started in the game. Additionally, players who participated in the 2019 Crate Sale earlier in the year will receive an amount of REVV on a per-crate basis, as reward for their participation in this sale.


The majority of REVV will be earned through play and features that reward players based on their ownership of race car NFTs and Tracks. Both the Time Trial and Grand Prix will reward REVV to players who place in winning positions on the weekly Leaderboards.

Play Utility

REVV is used to enter the Grand Prix and Time Trial. The Time Trial has a set fee to enter, costing 10 REVV per-try (the ETH payment option will remain available).

Purchase Utility

In addition to accessing the gameplay features, REVV will also be used to purchase F1® Delta Time 2020 Collectibles.

Any questions, give us a shout!

Have any questions for us? Hit us up on social media at Twitter or Facebook, or join us on the official F1® Delta Time Discord.

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