F1® Delta Time NFT and REVV Liquidity Mining Special Event — deadline 28 September!

Now live! This event gives REVV token holders a new opportunity to earn F1® Delta Time NFTs if they provide liquidity to REVV on Uniswap within the next couple of days. A total of 31 F1® Delta Time 2019 car NFTs (28 Rare cars and 3 Epic cars) will be rewarded to the first 31 qualifying liquidity providers.

To become eligible to win one of these 31 NFTs, you need to add 30,000 REVV liquidity to Uniswap (as an ETH-REVV pair) before Monday 28 September 2020 at 09:00am GMT, and not withdraw it for 7 days.

After the end of this 7-day period, which ends 5 October 2020 at 9am GMT, we will airdrop a car NFT to each of the first 31 qualifying liquidity providers. Three liquidity providers selected at random will receive an Epic car NFT instead of a Rare.

F1® Delta Time Car NFTs

To play any of the F1® Delta Time game modes — including the Time Trial and upcoming Grand Prix — players require a car NFT (along with compatible Driver and Tyre NFTs).

The 2019 Season car NFTs can also be used for Staking, where players earn REVV periodically for staking their car NFTs. You can read more about Staking here and begin staking today at F1® Delta Time.

In addition to being able to use cars to earn REVV through both gameplay and Staking, cars can also be resold.

Event Conditions

The liquidity rewards will be given on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 31 liquidity providers who add at least 30,000 REVV liquidity to Uniswap (as an ETH-REVV pair) for a full 7 days. The 30,000 REVV and equivalent amount in ETH (ETH-REVV) must remain in the liquidity pool on Uniswap, and must not be withdrawn until after day 7 of the term has ended.

On day 8 we will confirm the liquidity providers who have qualified for the reward, and in the days following we will airdrop the NFT rewards to the winners. The rewards include 28 Rare cars and 3 Epic cars.

Interested participants must add their REVV to Uniswap at the latest by Monday 28 September 2020 at 07:00am GMT (2:00am PST, 5:00pm +8GMT). Liquidity added after this deadline will not be counted for this event.

Click here to add your liquidity.

Note: existing providers of at least 30,000 REVV in liquidity at the time of writing (meaning an equivalent pair of 30,000 REVV plus the equivalent value in ETH), excluding Animoca Brands, will automatically qualify for a reward provided that they do not withdraw their REVV until after day 7 of the term has ended.

What’s Next

Coming up in the REVV ecosystem, we have F1® Delta Time Track Sales, and the first release of the core gameplay: the Grand Prix. You can check out the latest game teaser here: https://youtu.be/1MJe64XBG3U

Be sure to follow REVV and F1® Delta Time across social media, and get ready for some news on the MotoGP™ project!


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