Animoca Brands and WAX are bringing Bratz® to blockchain this December!

Get ready to collect and play

The global fashion doll line Bratz®, manufactured by MGA Entertainment (MGAE), is stepping into digital entertainment and blockchain, together with Animoca Brands and

While preparing for the soon to be launched Ethereum-based Bratz Lookz™ game, Animoca Brands and WAX will launch a “Bratz® Card Sale” on the WAX blockchain on 22 December 2020.

Fans and collectors can purchase the first ever official Bratz® collectible card non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which they can collect, gift and trade, enjoying blockchain-enabled true digital ownership. The WAX card sale will be the first step in Bratz® taking over the blockchain world, giving fans and users an opportunity to get ready for the launch of the upcoming styling game.

The Bratz® Card Sale on WAX in details

The first sets of Bratz® collectible cards can be obtained in this Bratz® Card Sale held on the WAX blockchain. The cards are divided into 4 different rarity levels, with higher levels bringing in more exciting designs and more challenging ways to obtain:

  • Stylin — 80%
  • Super Stylin — 12%
  • Extra Stylin — 6%
  • Ultra Stylin — 2%

Owners of each Bratz® collectible card will also receive a code to redeem 200 Bratz® Coins, an in-game, non-crypto currency for the upcoming official Bratz® blockchain game — Bratz Lookz™ (more details below). Make sure to sign up here to get the latest news on this! Additionally, there are 50 special collectible cards called “Shimmering Design,” which will be distributed across all rarity levels and have a special surprise!

All of these Bratz® collectible cards are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital assets and collectibles powered by blockchain technology. The authenticity, scarcity, and other properties of NFTs are independently guaranteed, verified, and secured on blockchain. NFTs are fully owned by their buyers, regardless of any decisions taken by the NFT’s publisher or creator. ​​Because NFTs confer the quality of true digital ownership, players are free to do anything they want with them, including selling them for real money.

The Bratz® Card Sale on WAX will start on 22 December 2020, with three pack options available. Rarity of the Bratz® card NFTs inside the pack is determined by the chance described above. The price starts from US$4.99, with the larger packs offering the greatest value. Payment accepts credit card only.

  • US$4.99 Mini Pack (contains 1 card)
  • US$9.99 Standard Pack (contains 3 cards) — 30% extra!
  • US$24.99 Mega Pack (contains 9 cards) — 45% extra!

Bratz Lookz Blockchain Game

Later in January 2021, MGAE together with Animoca Brands will launch an official blockchain game called Bratz Lookz™.

Bratz Lookz™ will be a digital collectible game that allows users to not only collect their favourite Bratz® dolls, outfits and accessories, but also use them to style and create their unique digital dolls.

Bratz Lookz™ will adapt a Play-To-Earn model for all Bratz® fans and collectors. In the game there will be regular “Freezing” events, in which players will be able to turn their Bratz® doll designs into NFTs that can be sold and traded for real money. More details of the game will be announced later.

Bratz® Pop — Mini-Game on GAMEE

As an additional surprise, GAMEE, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, and MGAE are also introducing Bratz® Pop. GAMEE is a high-engagement social casual gaming platform that allows users to enjoy casual game sessions or take part in gaming tournaments and compete for cash prizes.

In Bratz® Pop players can find hidden codes which they can use to redeem free Bratz® Fan Token for the upcoming Bratz Lookz™ blockchain game.

Bratz® Fan Token

In 2021, Animoca Brands is going to launch its very own ERC-20 Fan Token for Bratz®! This token will have utility within the Bratz Lookz™ game, with added benefits connected to the larger Animoca Brands blockchain ecosystem. Please note that Bratz® Fan Token is different from the Bratz® Coins (the virtual, non-crypto currency of Bratz Lookz™) described above; Bratz® Fan Token will be an ERC20 token, bringing all the additional opportunities of crypto within.

Stay tuned for more details to come!



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