UPDATE [11 May 2021]:

As many of our community members have pointed out, current gas prices are very high and may affect the upcoming TOWER Chest sale. We have therefore decided to postpone the first TOWER Chest sale and split it into multiple rounds that will begin at different times in order to accommodate fans in different time zones.

The first sale round will offer 10% of the previously announced supply (see below for the original announcement) and will start on Monday 17 May 2021, at 00:00 (12 a.m.) UTC. Other rounds will follow.

Summary of the updates:

  • The sale…

Here at Animoca Brands we’ve been working hard on our bold experiment to blend free-to-play (F2P) with play-to-earn (P2E), and today we are proud to announce that the first TOWER NFTs chest sale is almost upon us!

While we put the finishing touches on the sale and prepare a full announcement we’d like to share some basic details with you.

TOWER NFT chests

There will be three categories of chests (Bronze, Silver, Gold), and they will be purchasable with TOWER. …

We have an update on the past, present, and future of the Tower Experiment, the exciting initiative to combine traditional free-to-play (F2P) gaming with the play-to-earn (P2E) capabilities enabled by blockchain. Here at Animoca Brands we have been working hard to make play-to-earn a major component of Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) — read all about it below. Download Crazy Defense Heroes now on the App Store or Google Play to get started!

In CDH we are moving away from the competitive events you saw in the last couple months, and toward a system that will institute true and ongoing play-to-earn…

Yield Guild Games (YGG; Yield Guild Games) is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for investing in the non fungible tokens (NFTs) of blockchain games and virtual worlds that recently raised a $1.325mil seed round to build its protocol and invest in yield-generating NFTs.

In this interview with Yat Siu, Chairman of Animoca Brands, we learn why he chose to join the seed round and invest in YGG.

Who is Animoca Brands and what does your company do?

Animoca Brands is a company that’s focused on the NFT space. But we look at ourselves as a company that is delivering true digital property rights.

The real driver behind this is to…

We are excited to announce that the second play-to-earn Grand Tournament Colosseum event in Crazy Kings starts on 30 March 2021. This is another step in our mission to deliver play-to-earn (P2E) in free-to-play (F2P) games. A total of 456,050 TOWER tokens will be distributed to the top-scoring winners in each of the groups across six league tiers. That amount of TOWER is worth approximately US$44,000 at the time of writing!

Make sure that you have downloaded Crazy Kings on the App Store and leveled up all your cards before the competition begins, on 30 March 2021!

The inaugural first…

We are excited to announce the SUPER/REVV and the SUPER/TOWER trading pairs on Uniswap in collaboration with SuperFarm (Elliot Wainman). On Feb 27, 2021 Animoca Brands and SuperFarm announced a partnership to collaborate on NFT collectibles see, as well as Animoca Brands becoming a strategic investor in SuperFarm.

The purpose of creating a trading pair with the tokens of Animoca Brands and SuperFarm are:

  • Expansion of Community: SuperFarm and Animoca Brands, including F1® Delta Time (which uses REVV) and the Crazy Kings Franchise (which includes Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes and is the basis of TOWER), have passionate, enthusiastic…

Today we are thrilled to announce the first competition to win TOWER tokens! Between 16 to 21 March 2021, the Grand Tournament Colosseum event in Crazy Kings will have a reward pool of 456,050 TOWER tokens (worth approximately US$10,000 at the time of writing). Download Crazy Kings on the App Store now and start leveling up your cards!

The TOWER token is a part of our Tower Experiment — an initiative to blend traditional free-to-play gaming with blockchain technology. TOWER is a fungible crypto token for our successful tower defense games Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes, collectively known as…

Last week we introduced the Tower Experiment and mentioned that we would introduce a new fungible crypto token for our successful tower defense games Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes, collectively known as the Crazy Kings franchise. Today we are thrilled to announce the Tower Token (TOWER), which is now paired with ether (ETH) and paired with REVV on Uniswap (learn more about REVV on the official website or at this video).

The Tower Experiment is an initiative to blend traditional free-to-play gaming with blockchain technology. It aims to enable play-to-earn for our players, and to drive adoption of blockchain…

A crypto experiment on the future of F2P gaming

At Animoca Brands we fully and unreservedly embrace blockchain and play-to-earn as the future of gaming, but a major part of our income still derives from free-to-play (F2P) games, such as Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, Crazy Defense Heroes, and Snoopy’s Town Tale. As a result, we spend a lot of time considering the question of how to combine blockchain economics with F2P inflationary game design. We have come up with an experimental method to blend together elements of these two very different systems.

F2P and play-to-earn: different by design

Combining blockchain…

Get ready to collect and play

The global fashion doll line Bratz®, manufactured by MGA Entertainment (MGAE), is stepping into digital entertainment and blockchain, together with Animoca Brands and WAX.io.

While preparing for the soon to be launched Ethereum-based Bratz Lookz™ game, Animoca Brands and WAX will launch a “Bratz® Card Sale” on the WAX blockchain on 22 December 2020.

Fans and collectors can purchase the first ever official Bratz® collectible card non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which they can collect, gift and trade, enjoying blockchain-enabled true digital ownership. …

Animoca Brands

The leader in branded blockchain gaming. Animoca Brands website: www.animocabrands.com

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